2 Ways to get dynamic product pages in Shopify

2 Ways to get dynamic product pages in Shopify

Customer often land directly on your product page without seeing the homepage at all.  These customers are often coming from socials for a specific product.  Your product page is becoming a sales tool in and of itself.

That's why it's important to share as much information about the product in an easily digestible and aesthetically pleasing format.  Shopify product description alone don't give a lot of options and flexibility for this.

With OS 2.0, you can now add plenty of sections to the page, however, all those sections will be the same for every product using that template.

In this video I go over how create product pages with unique information to each product by either utilizing product templates or metafields - depending on your use case.

Contents for this video

  • Product templates
  • Product template example
  • Metafields
  • Metafield example
  • Creating metafield definitions
  • Metafields and the bulk editor
  • Using metafields in the theme editor
  • Limitations of metafields