DIY Design: Create a great banner for free with and canva

There's a million little things to do when you're starting your journey into entrepreneurship.  Between managing production, shipping, inventory, and setting up your online presence it takes a lot of time and money.

At the beginning, finding places to save a little money can be a blessing.  One of those areas can be graphics for your website. You might think you don't know what you're doing, but the internet provides so many tools these days, it's more about knowing what's available.

Two of the tools that can be really helpful are and (both of which have free options available).  We're gonna show you how to make a great banner image with these. is a tool that removes the background from images and it is remarkable at how well it works.  First, take a flat lay picture of your products.  Here we have some lip glosses.

Then we simply upload the image to and this is the result:



We then move to  First click on "create a design" and then select "custom size", then create the size.  For a banner I chose 2400x1000.


After this, you can select a background color, create text to put on top, and upload photos.

This is the creation I came up with, but canva makes it super easy to drag and drop images onto the banner to create any look you like.


As banners are one of the most popular ways to promote new products and upcoming sales, it's great to be able to do it yourself.  

Once you have you're banners add them to your site's slider or the banner with boxes