Shopify & Lottie Files

DIY Design: Animated illustrations with Lottie files

Every merchant is looking to create a slick and engaging online experience to inform and keep their customers engaged.  As more online stores flood the market, it's becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

One way to do this is with animated illustrations and adding them to your Shopify store just got ridiculously easy 🎉

Lottie files has made it incredibly easy to create and use animations on your website. However, it still took a little bit of coding to add it to your site.  

We decided to make it even easier for Shopify and created a no code solution. We've added a Lottie animation pack that allows you to simply add the Lottie file url. 

The even more exciting part is that you don't need even need to be a designer as Lottie has 1000s of free animations, paid animations, and if you're feeling fancy illustrators that you can hire to create your own custom animation.

With custom illustrations you don't just have the opportunity to add a bit of flash to your site, but also a very engaging way to show off the features of your product.

We create a little video show just how easy it is 😀