DIY Design: Finding great Icons

When designing your online store, icons are a great way to relay information quickly to your customers.Β  However, hiring a graphic designer may be outside of your budget, especially when you're trying to get your business off the ground.

Luckily, there are a lot great free or cheap options for icons out there already.

The noun project

The noun project ( is probably my favorite site to find icons.Β  You can easily search their site for available icons in whatever category you might be interested.Β  For example, a search of "adventure" yields many icons.

You can download these icons in either .png or .svg format.Β  The icons are free if you provide attribution to the creator and they're only $2.99 if you don't want to provide attribution.Β  If you're willing to splurge for $39.99/year (only about $3.34/month), you can also edit the icon's color and shape.



Icons8 ( have a bunch of sets of basic user interface icons that match, so you can create a unified experience across your entire website that will give it that sleek professional look.

A great way to display your icons is with the vertical or horizontalΒ value icon lists and the logo list.