How to use Design Packs!!




Transcript of the video:

Hi there! I’m looking forward to helping you get your new landing page set up. First thing you will need to do is ensure you have installed the Design Packs app on your Shopify store.

We offer a free 14 day trial and are always on hand to help with any questions. Once you have installed Design Packs, you can explore all the new layouts that can be added to your theme.

In this video, we will be installing a new landing page template and demonstrating how to everything set up. 

Sections are small pieces of your overall Shopify theme such as a Banner, countdown timer or featured images.

Page templates are a collection of sections that have already been set up for you.

Collection templates, blog and article templates have also been set up for you.

All of the templates support adding new sections for mixing and matching and all of the sections can be re-ordered. 

Here’s how you can add a new page template to your store!

Choose the landing page design you’d like to start with. We’ll use Product Showcase Page. Click on Install Pack. Then choose your published theme from the dropdown. It will say (main) in brackets next to the name.  Don’t worry, this won’t show up on your live store until you assign it to a page. This is just a preview to set things up.  Clicking Add to theme adds the new page template and also installs the new sections that you can play around with!

Once you have added your page template, you can now add your own content. Click Customize theme and it will take you to the Theme editor. Click on the dropdown at the top of the editor and you will see a list of areas that you can customize on your site. Go to Pages and then choose the name of the Design Pack template you just installed. Look for dp at the beginning of the name - that stands for Design Packs so you know you have added it correctly! If you don’t see any page templates with dp at the front, try refreshing the page since the Theme editor can sometimes take a second to recognize that something new has been added.

Once you find your new template, choose it from the dropdown. Here is your instant design! Before we customize it, let’s copy it and rename it so that we can find it easier. This step is optional, but it will make things easier to manage for you in the future! Go back to the dropdown and scroll to the bottom where you should see an option to “Create new template” Select the design pack template you wish to copy from the Dropdown called “Based on” - this will ensure we are creating our own version of the correct page. Name the template something that is easy to remember. For example, Black Friday Sale, Product Highlight or Holiday Gift Guide. We’re naming ours Latest product. Now you’ll see that you have a new template called latest-product. You can create up to 1000 duplicate versions of any of our templates!

You are now ready to customize!

Upload your own images, change font size, drag and drop the sections order and more! You can add up to 25 sections to a template and all of the Design pack sections are available to you with your monthly subscription.

Once you’ve added your own content and played around with the settings, it’s time to assign the template to a page visible to customers visiting your store. Currently our page template is assigned to 0 pages. The exclamation point in the circle next to the name shows that it is NOT assigned to the current page - that is important to note. Click on the underlined page (your page name might be different than our example) and it will open a new window to the page admin area. You can assign your template to an existing page OR you can create a new page and assign it to that. We create a new page template by clicking “Add page” We then name the page and the most important step is to choose your template from the “theme template” dropdown. In our example, the template is called “latest-product” Click Save and then go back to the Online Store theme editor.

Now when you return to the theme and select your template from the dropdown, you should see it assigned to 1 page. Each template with unique content should only be assigned to one page. To show different content you will need to duplicate the template and assign to its own page (repeat the steps from earlier in the video). 

Your page is now live on the site, but customers won’t be able to easily find it, so we’ll link to it from a homepage banner. Navigate back to your homepage and add a banner section. This step is optional if you prefer to link to your new page from an email or social media post instead. Choose a section - we’re using Banner image with boxes, which is a section included in your Design Packs subscription.

You can install individual sections to your theme from the app. Feel free to pause the video and go back to add the Banner image with boxes section now. We’ve sped up the video, but we are updating the section settings and then linking to our newly created page. Now link to your newly created page from the section settings.

And that’s it!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at  or use our live chat widget in the app for assistance.