Transformer Table Case Study

Transformer Table Case Study

Starting with a custom theme

Transformer table is working with a very complicated custom theme built on Vue.js. Using Vue.js to build out a theme was a great idea in a pre-Online store 2.0 world. 

Prior to 2.0, Vue.js provided a lot of flexibility and customizations that you just couldn't get with a traditional theme alone. However, the new features of 2.0 have superseded the flexibility of what this theme can do and provides a more streamlined, standardized way of doing things that were not previously possible with a simple Shopify theme.

How did Design Packs help?

Building out a whole new custom theme is costly and time-consuming and the Transformer Table team loves to move quickly, rolling out new features and new products and a/b testing landing pages to improve CRO.

Design Packs to the rescue! The team added Design Packs and immediately started building out 2.0 landing pages with the existing template and updated the homepage.

They only need to bring me in (the developer) to update some of their existing custom section to be compatible with Online Store 2.0 and they're off to the races.

The Transformer Table team also had just enough CSS knowledge to be dangerous, so they took advantage of our custom CSS sections to customize the Design Packs to fit right in with the current theme's aesthetic.

 Check the packs they're using on the homepage.