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Add your custom font in Shopify

Tired of basic fonts? Upload your custom font files to your Shopify store and then copy/paste the links here. We generate the code to apply the font to your site!

How to Use

Install Design Packs

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Font Wizard

* This is usually in the font file name - eg. CeraPro-Regular.woff would be Cera Pro. Don't include the .woff or the style. Just the font name please!

Related Fonts:

  • ${current_font.font_family} ${font_style.font_weight} style: ${font_style.font_style}

Font Library

We'll save this for you until you close your browser or clear your browsing session.

Need to add additional styles to any of these fonts? Type the same font name into the Font Wizard again and add your new style.

  • ${ value.font_family }
    • ${font_style.font_file} Weight: ${font_style.font_weight} Style: ${font_style.font_style}

Style Picker

Main Headings (h1, h2)

Small Headings (h3, h4, h5, h6)

Body Text

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Main Heading

Small Heading

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Generated Code

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