Page builder for Tapcart

Make custom pages on your mobile app as easy as dragging and dropping in a Shopify store.

Create Beautiful Tapcart Apps

Get even more out of your tapcart app with prebuilt custom blocks that can be used on pages, on the product page or in the cart.

You're already used to building in the Shopify theme editor, why not stay there to customize your app?

These custom blocks have all the settings you need to make your app experience as unique as your online store with color, font, layout settings and more! And if you need to be even more unique, we've added the option for custom CSS per block.

Build everything in Shopify

Customize to your heart's content

Need to make a change to your Tapcart layout? Choose from our library of custom blocks that you have full control over FOREVER.

You're in control when you combine Design Packs with Tapcart.

Flexible banner

This banner comes with the option for 14 blocks, including a countdown timer, images & video.

Flexible callout grid

Highlight collections, products and pages with this simple yet effective grid.

Multi collection slider

Showcase up to 3 collections with the user friendly collection slider. Add directly to cart from here, or if there are multiple variants it opens the product page.

Link menu - icons

Improve the navigation on your app with this stylish link menu. Call out special events, people or collections with this ultra flexible section.

Ultra flexible collection template

This collection template allows you to choose exactly the products you want and create your own custom grid. Then add complementary collection sliders interspersed.

Optimize your product page

Between the 100 variant limitation and other user experience optimizations, sometimes you're looking for other ways to allow your customers to choose options. Here's some popular ways to create the perfect PDP experience.

Connected Products

Line item selectors

Connected products allows you to link related products on the product page in the style of variants.

  • Connect different color options while still showcasing all the options on the collection page
  • Connect related products so users can quickly switch through the options

Line item selectors allow the customer to select variations in a product that don’t need to be its own variant. This will create a line item with the customer’s custom selection to be noted in the order

  • Allow customers to select from a pre-selected number of options - with checkboxes, icons, or a dropdown
  • Allow customers to add their own personalizations like a name to be engraved on a product

Elevate your Tapcart app today

Get in touch for a 1:1 demo on how you can make managing your Tapcart app (and your life!) easier with Design Packs.

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