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Connected products block

Connected Products links separate product pages for easy navigation. Each product page can be displayed as a "fake variant." This approach allows you to showcase individual product features while keeping the overall browsing process uncomplicated and doesn't require you to set up variants within the product admin.

Image with text block (FREE)

A real powerhouse block, you can use this widget to display an image next to text that can be used as a testimonial, ingredient list, special offer, or even a value icon. Completely customize the colors, sizes, and layout of the image, text, and border.


Photos and videos are powerful tools for product pages. Instructional or promotional videos can easily be lost in the product gallery, but this video block puts them front and center. Compatible with HTML5 (hosted video) or Youtube and Vimeo.

Value Icons

Add up to 5 different icons or photos to quickly show off the product features such as: Unique value propositions, Ingredients, Washing instructions, and other product highlights.

Collapsible content

Also known as accordions or tabs, the key features of this block is that it can be expandded or collapsed so that you can fit more information into a smaller footprint. Connect this block with a custom page, text, or metafields.

Feature Range

Clearly display key features of your product right on the product page.