Create your own custom theme.

Mix and match sections and templates to supercharge your Shopify theme. No coding knowledge required.

Building blocks for savvy store owners and designers.

You want control, but don't want to build everything from scratch.

The days of relying on slow, confusing page builders are over. Instead, supercharge your theme and add new sections right in the Shopify editor. If you haven't yet experienced the power of Online Store 2.0 + Design Packs, you're in for a treat.

You're not afraid of a little DIY. You loved playing with legos as a kid.

You might still play with legos now! You love to build and tweak your store for optimal sales and you're feeling frustrated by the limits of your theme. You want more settings and flexibility to get a custom look without a hefty price tag.

You have a store on Shopify and need the right tool to make it look amazing.

Your ultimate theme toolkit. Use our pre-populated templates or create your very own. We promise to be with you every step of the way with lightning fast email support and live chat.

Screenshots of various layouts

You're in good company.

Design packs is the best Shopify App I've installed till date. I've spent a lot of money in getting customizations for my store via Shopify experts prior to installing this app but this app does all of it.

Design Packs is our favorite app. It's an extremely valuable tool with a brilliant & helpful support team. I am always excited to see the new releases each month.

This is an amazing app with a killer set of templates and sections to choose from - what a valuable tool! It was an incredible resource that saved us tons of time, since no single theme seemed to have all the sections and styles we wanted.

How does it work?


No. Design Packs is a toolkit that adds on new sections to your current theme. The app interface is only used to add new sections and templates - all of the setup happens in your normal theme editor (aka no performance hit).

Yes. In fact, our page, collection, blog and article templates give you "Sections Everywhere" without needing to update your whole theme. Design Packs works seamlessly with 2.0 themes or 1.0.


When you email or message us in live chat, you are connecting directly with the developers of the app. We love going above and beyond for our customers. We are in the EST time zone.

We sure do. Fill out the contact form in the app or on our site and we'd be happy to add your suggestion to our roadmap. Some notable packs that have been created based on requests are the Overlay - animated image and Banner - video background.

What's included?

When you sign up for Design Packs, you have full access to our entire collection of sections and templates.

→ Five new releases every month

→ Fast and friendly email support

→ Unlimited sections on any theme

→ Upload custom fonts

→ Animations, color settings and more

→ Support for tweaks and customizations

→ Over 100 different sections + templates

Need a little inspiration? Check out examples of all of the designs and templates available or get the help of a Design Pack Expert.


Hand selected by Shopify

Design packs was chosen by the staff at Shopify as a standout app in it's category. A modern page builder for Online 2.0 themes.

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