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  • Lottie animation

    Lottie animation

  • Organic


  • Overlay - animated images

    Overlay - animated images

  • Banner - video background

    Banner - video background

  • Image with text - simple

    Image with text - simple

  • Sweet


  • Banner image - simple

    Banner image - simple

  • Link menu - horizontal

    Link menu - horizontal

  • Article content

    Article content

  • Article breadcrumbs

    Article breadcrumbs

  • Article comments

    Article comments

  • Article banner

    Article banner

  • Article product highlights

    Article product highlights

  • Sticky menu

    Sticky menu

  • Divider - simple

    Divider - simple

  • Banner image - accounts

    Banner image - accounts

  • Cutout - bottom

    Cutout - bottom

  • Cutout - top

    Cutout - top

  • Page content

    Page content

  • Collections - grid

    Collections - grid

  • Marquee - icons

    Marquee - icons

  • Image with text - detail

    Image with text - detail

  • Services


  • Collection Showcase

    Collection Showcase

  • Beauty


  • Fun holiday gift guide

    Fun holiday gift guide

  • Modern holiday gift guide

    Modern holiday gift guide

  • Classic holiday gift guide

    Classic holiday gift guide

  • Borders


  • Marquee


  • Call to action - simple

    Call to action - simple

  • Banner image - boxy

    Banner image - boxy

  • Photo frame - featured

    Photo frame - featured

  • Slideshow - simple

    Slideshow - simple

  • Shop the collection

    Shop the collection

  • Product list - featured

    Product list - featured

  • Banner - gradient

    Banner - gradient

  • Address - map

    Address - map

  • Timeline - simple

    Timeline - simple

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Why use Design Packs?

Design Packs is a powerful Shopify app that helps online retailers create beautiful, high-converting e-commerce websites.

With a wide variety of customizable templates, pages, and sections to choose from, Design Packs makes it easy to create a professional and user-friendly store that stands out from the competition. Design Packs is crafted by Shopify professionals who have honed their skills at top theme companies and collaborated with both large and small clients. With our app, top-notch support is just a click away, ensuring that you have the assistance you need when you need it.

Use Shopify's intuitive drag-and-drop interface to easily create your own unique look and feel without the need for coding or design skills. Whether you're an experienced e-commerce seller or just starting out, Design Packs is the perfect solution for creating a successful online store that drives sales and increases revenue.